The Fork in the Road journey was actually initiated in 2009. In November of that year, I chose to make changes in my life that were; unfamiliar, emotionally risky and geographically foreign. I said goodbye to a thirty plus year career, high heels and suits, and hello to boots and jeans. Conference calls became cattle calls and boardrooms became barns. I have learned so much over the past seven years. I live closer to the earth. I can drive a tractor. I am more self-reliant than at any other time in my life. I take such joy in providing our home and family with food and products that are homemade, healthful and whole.

I hope all the  visitors here will be motivated to borrow what is shared and make your own life changes.  I also hope your  visits will be often, and fulfilling, as we take this journey together, down the fork in the road.