Moments vs. Minutes

“Clocks, calendars, day-planners, smartphones, tablets, pads, lap-tops, computers, fitness trackers, lions and tigers and bears……oh my!”

Ancient civilizations invented crude, but effective mechanisms to determine time thousands of years before the first semi-modern clock was invented. Historical records tell us mans preoccupation with measuring time, was to determine the appropriate activities revolving around agriculture; tilling, planting, harvesting, breeding, weaning, shearing etc.

As a modern, complex and and urbanized society, we are still fixated on what time it is.

I find it ironic that bears know when to hibernate without an iPhone. Birds migrate south without a FitBit and leaves change color and fall without a day-planner.

This morning as I stood in front of the coffee-maker, anxiously awaiting my first cup of coffee, I glanced out the kitchen window and realized the sky was starting to lighten, and I wondered what time the sun would rise.

Being a modern, complex person, I consulted Wunderground for the projected time the sun would rise, so I would have to wonder no more. As I waited for the application to open, I again glanced outside and noticed the tinges of pink starting to highlight the beginning of a new day. Then BLAM!!!! A moment of revelation, “step outside and see it for yourself!”

This ah-ha moment may sound or seem simplistic to you as a reader, but for me, it was a door that was opening to greater personal awareness.

Nature is aware of the passing of time as a signal to stop, start, or migrate. These natural rhythms are constant, and vary only with the interference of mankind. How sad that our specie needs to measure units of time down to the nano-second.

Have we lost so much of our awareness that we need to rely on machines to tell us when to rest, when to wake, when to eat and when to toll. Yes, our modern world would fall into chaos without schedules, but are we depriving ourselves of the enjoyment of priceless moments in our quest to define them through measurement?

If we consider our widening distance from nature as lost awareness, will our senses be next?

When was the last time you savored the fragrance of the air after a spring rain, felt the sun gently warming your face, allowed your eyes the visual feast of fall leaves changing color, or the taste of fresh fallen snow on your tongue?

Time is passing for all of us at the same rate. Some of us are aware we have less time than others, and time has become alarmingly precious versus an infinite commodity.

My hope for each of you today; Take a few minutes to be still. Allow your senses to commune with your surroundings. What do you hear? What do you smell? See something today, you see every day, in a new way. Appreciate the amazing world we inhabit.

Cease taking the moments for granted; they are not promised. Invest more of you in the moments than marking time, and make the moments count.





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