“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.” Unknown

 How susceptible are you to suggestion, impression, and influence?

Are you aware that what you see, hear, smell and touch affects your attitude and disposition?

Most of us are busy living life, doing whatever each of us deems normal, completely unaware, we are allowing many of our seemingly innocuous choices to influence our decisions. We live with constant input these days. Is the input positive or negative? Is the input; inspiring or depressing, inclusive or dividing, balanced or divisive? Think about what you heard and watched this morning. Did you feel enlightened and energized by this input of information and ideas?

A few months ago it occurred to me how long it had been since I had written more than a quick note. This absence of activity affected so many areas of my life. I was not creating. I was no longer taking long walks of wonder. I had ceased to take the first hour of the day as  “Me Time.” I am not saying that the six o’clock news or social media is responsible for the lifestyle decline I was experiencing and choosing freely, but the input does leave its mark in our lives in large and small ways.

I have begun turning the television off. I read many of the posts online, but skim over those that scream of negativity. I believe we should be well-informed, just not bombarded. I appreciate free-thinking people who courageously search and share, without the fear of being rejected by their audience, but are their messages uplifting? In this world of instant access, we really need to decide what we will allow to seep into our conscious and our sub-conscious minds. We are inundated with information, 24/7. We should certainly respect ourselves enough to filter out the derogatory, and the depressing. We must recognize the tendency to use all this input as a distraction from personal introspection. Zig Ziglar referred to this as, “a check-up, from the neck-up.” 

I needed to cease running from myself. I needed to put down my phone and focus on me. I needed to reclaim my life, recharge my creativity, rethink my routines, restore my joy and hope, and restate my commitment to positive change and paying it forward.

These are my thoughts on the choices we make; large and small, intentional and unaware. What/Who are you allowing to rent space in your head? Does this tenancy bring light into your life or does it diminish the light?




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