Flight of the Charm


Journey of the Charm

The end of summer represents such a bittersweet time on the ranch. The prospect of blessed relief from the humid Texas heat is sweet with the promise of cooler days to come. The impending departure of the hummingbirds saddens me. For several weeks, at the end of summer each year, we have so many birds, on multiple feeders, it is impossible to count them. They gorge themselves on nectar in preparation for their long, and exhausting journey to come.
Each morning I take an hour just for me. I sit and sip coffee on the porch and breath in the new day, as it arrives, I give thanks for the new opportunity to be better and be truly thankful for the moments. As the sky lightens and brightens, I anticipate the arrival of the first of the birds to arrive.
I watch these tiny and magnificent creatures hover, circle and lite, in the endless dance they demonstrate in their feeding habits and flying skills. Their time here begins each year after the last frost of winter and ends prior to the first frost of fall. We always know the weather is about to make an acute change when the hummingbirds congregate in their charms and coexist at the feeders peacefully. I have faithfully filled the feeders for the past six years,(recipe for nectar at the end of post), and the birds faithfully return each year.
As the sun sets this evening and charms retire for the night, I give thanks for their presence and smile with the hope I will enjoy one more morning with these amazing creatures before they fly South. I am certain I am the one who has been blessed and fed, by the quiet time I have invested watching them and lowering my heart rate in the process.

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe
1 Cup Sugar
4 Cups Water

Stir until sugar is dissolved completely. Serve at room temperature.

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